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March 03, 2009

Thinking about Fall 2010 Admission?

While the Fall 2009 admissions season is not completely over, for those of you thinking about Fall 2010 admission, I am taking appointments for initial free consultations now. I have already started working with some clients already for Fall 2010 MBA admissions. In addition to MBA, I help clients gain admission to LL.M. and other graduate programs.

What I can do for my clients: Quite simply, I can help you get in. I can't guarantee success at any specific school, but no one who is honest with you can. Since 2001, I have helped my clients obtain admission to top US, UK, and Continental European MBA, LL.M, and other graduate programs.

My objective is to provide my clients with successful cost-effective consulting that results in their admission to programs of their choice. I will make the application process as pleasant, efficient, and successful as possible.

I offer a high level of flexibility in terms of pricing and service delivery to best meet the diverse needs of my clients. Information about my pricing and service structure is here. Client testimonials and results can be found here.

If you are looking for a highly experienced admissions consultant who is passionate about helping his clients succeed, please feel free to contact me at adammarkus@gmail.com to arrange an initial consultation. Initial consultations are conducted by Skype or telephone. For clients in Tokyo, a free face-to-face consultation is possible after an initial Skype or telephone consultation. I only work with a limited number of clients per year and believe that an initial consultation is the best way to determine whether there is a good fit. Whether you use my service or another, I suggest making certain that the fit feels right to you.

-Adam Markus
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