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March 30, 2011

4/20 Tokyo Professionals Fundraiser: Adam will be there

Strings by Intercontinental
26F of the East One Tower, JR-Shinagawa Station East Exit (Konan)

The Tokyo Professionals Networking Night is expected to bring together over 150 Japan-based professionals for a chance to personally connect with potential customers and clients.

The event will be held from 7pm at The Strings by InterContinental, a minute walk from JR Shinagawa Station. From the 26th floor of the Colossus ballroom, guests can enjoy views of Tokyo while expanding their social and professional networks.

Admission is ¥2000 and includes one drink. The Tokyo Professionals Networking Night is open to businesswomen and men from all industries and sectors. Participants are invited to enter their business card for prizes from The Strings by InterContinental Tokyo.

26-32 FLOOR, SHINAGAWA EAST 1 TOWER, 2-16-1 KONAN, MINATO-KU • TOKYO, 108 8282 • JAPAN  P:+81-03-5783-1111

Tokyo Professionals Management Group (TPMG) is dedicated to creating networking events for local and foreign professionals. Boasting extensive experience in event promotion and organization, TPMG is proud to present a fresh line-up of networking events and business opportunities for 2011.  TPMG events are an excellent way to connect with other successful individuals from Japan and abroad.
Maintain your competitive edge by staying on top of changing business trends in Japan. Networking can help you learn about new ideas, strategies, and markets.
Meet potential clients face-to-face. Develop new business relationships. Networking is an inexpensive but invaluable way to market your products or services.Meet other professionals in Japan who are in your industry or field. Whether they be a potential client or competitor, you can always learn more about how to better your business.
Business Links
Tokyo Professionals 
Networking Night
Wednesday April 20th
Starts at 7pm
¥2000 Entry
includes a complimentary cocktail or soft drink

Would you like information about future Tokyo Professionals events? Feel free to join our mailing list.

You may pay in advance for this event. Request a receipt by email. 

放送センター出張所 (母店:渋谷中央支店)
口座番号 1552237
 トウキョウ プロフェッショナルズ
Mizuho Bank
Branch: Shibuya Central Branch
Account Number 1552237
Account Name: Tokyo Professionals

The current fundraiser featured at the next edition of Tokyo Professionals will benefit the relief group Rescue Japan. 50% of the proceeds from this event be donated to Rescue Japan. To find out more about this organization and how they are helping Earthquake victims in Tohoku, please visit their website athttp://www.RescueJapan.asia

For public relations inquiries please contact Miwa Gardner.

March 23, 2011

Back in Tokyo

I have been back in Tokyo since yesterday. It was good being away for a week and letting things calm down a bit.  My wife and I visited Kyushu, where her family is from. In addition to going to Fukuoka, we went to Nagasaki.  Nagasaki was inspiring because it rebuilt itself after being destroyed by an atomic bomb.  There is much beauty to be found in the city. I hope the same spirit that its rebuilding possible will help Japan now rebuild those parts of Kanto that have been so badly damaged.

While the situation in Northern Japan is absolutely awful, here in Tokyo things are, well somewhat normal, at least here in the center.  Everyone is saving power and my normally bright Tokyo night is rather dark.  I am glad to be home.

I want to thank my readers, clients, and former clients who contacted me regarding my safety.  I am safe.  Just so you  know, I live in one of the safest possible buildings in Tokyo.  As I live a few minutes from the Tokyo Stock Exchange, we are not subject to any rolling blackouts.

We continue to have aftershocks, but frankly, if you decide to live in Japan (or California, where I am from), earthquakes are part of the package.  Badly built nuke plants (see here and here) are another thing.  TEPCO and the regularity agency responsible for oversight of the nuclear power plant industry have a lot to answer for.

Anyway, back to admissions consulting!


March 16, 2011

Help Japan: Donate and consider investing in the recovery

Below, I have provided a consolidated list for supporting earthquake and tsunami relief efforts in Japan. One crazy idea (and I am no finance guy or investment guru) and the one that I am following is both making donations and buying Nikkei 225 index funds. Buying Nikkei 225 funds will support  Japanese companies by counteracting panic selling in the market.  Japan will recover, so you will be doing something good for this country's economy and making a good long term investment (Again, I am no investment guru, so this is just my own opinion). For a thoughtful article on Japanese recovery (Thanks to Vince Ricci for bringing it to my attention), see http://www.huffingtonpost.com/nathan-gardels/the-silver-lining-of-japa_b_835417.html.

Here are some ways to help (mostly taken from the Japan Times list:

The Japanese Red Cross:
English site: http://www.jrc.or.jp/english/relief/l4/Vcms4_00002070.html
Japanese site: https://gienkin.jrc.or.jp/

Japanese students in the UK have organized an appeal effort there for the Japanese Red Cross: http://japanearthquakerelieffund.jimdo.com/

If you are in the US, you can find a list of charities here: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2011/03/15/how-to-help-japan-earthquake-relief_n_834484.html


Adam is now in Western Japan

For safety and business continuity reasons, I have left Tokyo. I am now about 550 miles West of Tokyo in Fukuoka, where my wife's family is from.  We hope to return to Tokyo soon. In the meantime, I will be working as usual.

March 15, 2011



The organizers of the following events wanted me to announce that these two events have been canceled.

1. STERN IN TOKYO:【留学希望者向け】 3/17 スターン在校生による学校説明会
has been canceled.

2. 325日、六本木フラワーにてLondon Business School, UCLA Anderson School of Management, The University of Chicago Booth School of Businessのジャパンクラブ主催で3校合同イベントを開催予定でありましたが、東日本大震災の影響によりLondon Business School,UCLA Anderson School of Management, The University of Chicago Booth School of Business3全てのジャパントリップが中止になったことを受け、本イベントも中止することと致しました。参加ご予定の皆様方には多大なるご迷惑をおかけしたこと心よりお詫び申し上げます。何卒ご理解ご了承下さいますようよろしくお願い申し上げます。
London Business School, UCLA Anderson School of Management, The University of Chicago Booth School of Businessジャパンクラブ一同。
The joint event organized by the Japan Clubs of the London Business School, UCLA Anderson School of Management, and The University of Chicago Booth School of Business scheduled on March 25th at Roppongi Flower is going to be cancelled due to the cancellation of the Japan Trips of all three business schools, given the earthquake in Japan. Thank you very much for your understanding about our decision under this unusual circumstance.
If any, please let us know. Our contact is mbaparty.2011@gmail.com
In behalf of all members of Japan Clubs of London Business School, UCLA Anderson School of Management and The University of Chicago Booth School of Business.


March 14, 2011

March MBA Japan Treks Canceled

The March Japan Treks for LBS, Chicago Booth, and UCLA have been canceled.  The 3/25 networking party has also been canceled. My support for these efforts will go towards helping the clubs with costs due to  cancellation or for other purposes. 
I assume all the planned Japan Treks in March will be canceled.

My support for their efforts will continue and I hope that they can be held as usual in 2012.


Tokyo update/March 19th event

While there are some inconveniences here in Tokyo, the damage has been limited.  I live in the financial/political center of the city, so I am not being effected by the planned rolling blackouts that are supposed to have commenced today.  The biggest cause for concern for us in Tokyo  is the ongoing situation with the nuclear reactors.  Hopefully that situation will soon be under control.

The situation in Northern Japan is awful.  Please refer to my previous posts (here and here)  on making contributions.  Oddly, the Japanese Red Cross has still not started a program for charitable giving focused on the effected areas.  Once that information is available, I will post it. 

Vince Ricci and I still hope to have our March 19th event here in Tokyo, but obviously the situation is a bit uncertain at the moment.  For those who have signed up for the event, we will be sending an email update within the next 24-48 hours.

Personally, I have been impressed by the Japanese government's response to this disaster. I was here right after the Kobe earthquake in 1995 when the government failed to respond effectively. The effectiveness of the effort so far has been impressive.  For a government that previously under much justifiable criticism for being ineffective, Prime Minister Kan has seemingly risen to the occasion.

We must hope for the best.


March 11, 2011

The Earthquake here in Tokyo

I am happy to report I am still alive.   My wife and colleagues, Vince Ricci and Steve Green, and their families are OK.  
My best wishes/prayers to anyone here in Japan.

March 10, 2011

Take the MBA Search Survey!

Take the MBA Search Survey!

As a member of the Association of International Graduate Admissions Consultants, we are conducting a survey to help us better understand our readers’ goals and needs.  We’d like to invite all of our readers to share their school selection priorities and views on the MBA application process.

This online survey should take just 10 minutes to complete.  We would love to receive as many responses as possible before the closing date of Wednesday, March 30th - and will be giving away an iPod Touch and two iPod Shuffles as a token of our gratitude!  We’ll also be sharing the results of the survey this spring to help candidates better understand the nature of today’s applicant pool.

Thanks in advance for your participation!

Simply click here to begin: http://surveys.marketpointsinc.com/mba11.asp

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