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March 23, 2011

Back in Tokyo

I have been back in Tokyo since yesterday. It was good being away for a week and letting things calm down a bit.  My wife and I visited Kyushu, where her family is from. In addition to going to Fukuoka, we went to Nagasaki.  Nagasaki was inspiring because it rebuilt itself after being destroyed by an atomic bomb.  There is much beauty to be found in the city. I hope the same spirit that its rebuilding possible will help Japan now rebuild those parts of Kanto that have been so badly damaged.

While the situation in Northern Japan is absolutely awful, here in Tokyo things are, well somewhat normal, at least here in the center.  Everyone is saving power and my normally bright Tokyo night is rather dark.  I am glad to be home.

I want to thank my readers, clients, and former clients who contacted me regarding my safety.  I am safe.  Just so you  know, I live in one of the safest possible buildings in Tokyo.  As I live a few minutes from the Tokyo Stock Exchange, we are not subject to any rolling blackouts.

We continue to have aftershocks, but frankly, if you decide to live in Japan (or California, where I am from), earthquakes are part of the package.  Badly built nuke plants (see here and here) are another thing.  TEPCO and the regularity agency responsible for oversight of the nuclear power plant industry have a lot to answer for.

Anyway, back to admissions consulting!

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