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August 28, 2009

Japanese Applicants: Booth wants you!

At the Chicago Booth information Session last night in Tokyo, Rose Martinelli (Associate Dean, Recruitment and Admissions) made it perfectly clear that she would like to increase the number of Japanese applicants and admits to Booth. Two years ago, Booth was receiving 100 applications from Japanese. This last year it was down to 50. There are 7 Japanese in both the Classes of 2010 and 2011, but she would like to see that increase significantly because of the need for additional school diversity.

The Tokyo Alum network is strong with 464 alums. A big group of them, around 20, attended the event last night.

By the way, after the event was over, I asked Rose directly (and on-the-record) whether Booth would admit multiple applicants from the same company. She said they would. So for those of you coming from companies where a number of your colleagues (sponsored or not sponsored) are also likely to apply, Chicago is a good choice.

If you are Japanese and have been thinking about Booth, I would highly encourage application. If you view it purely as a finance school and that turns you off, take a second look because it is much more than that.

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