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October 04, 2009

Should you press the apply button?

Feeling rushed?  Uncertain about whether that first round MBA application is really ready? Planning on taking the GMAT again, but feeling an absolute urge to apply round one?   My general advice is to wait. 

If you really think what you have is not nearly as good as it could be because
(1) you don't know enough about the school you are applying to
(2)you don't feel on a gut level like your essays are good enough
(3) the feedback you have received on your essays has been less than enthusiastic
(4) you are not sure whether your essays work as a set
(5) you know you have better stories but just have not had a chance to write them
(6) you suddenly recognize that your choice of recommenders was not as good as it could have been
(7) your recommender has had to produce something that is really rushed and not very good...

---you should really consider waiting until round two.  

Once we start something it is often very hard to stop doing it.  Especially for highly motivated people, going off the plan and or simply not being among the first can be a very difficult to do.

Don't get me wrong because I like first round for applicants who are ready to go.  I am taking this little blog writing break between working with mostly round one applicants.  I think it is better to apply to R1 if one is ready.  On the other hand, for most schools there really is very little difference between R1 and R2.  I am on record for advocating for MIT and Stanford, but otherwise and in general (and there are always exceptions to any general statement),  I don't think it really impacts outcomes that much.   But beyond that I believe in the "garbage in, garbage out rule."  If you submit garbage, you get garbage.  If you think your stuff is not ready, go with your gut and get it better for round two.

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