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December 18, 2009

Wailisted in Round 1?

If you were waitlisted for B-School in Round 1, I suggest taking a look at a post I wrote earlier this year, "Waitlisted, Now what?" In addition, to what I have written there, I would just add that a waitlist is an indication that you are basically doing many things right, but might be doing something wrong.   What that means for someone waitlisted in R1 is that it is that they should try and determine what specifically was weak and try to mitigate for subsequent applications. For example, if you were waitlisted after an invitation only interview, assume that the interview might have been part of the reason. Just like a R1 ding (see my prior post), an R1 waitlist should be looked at as an opportunity to reconsider your overall MBA admissions strategy and readjust.

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