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January 06, 2010

Where is the love?

I hope that title got your attention.  The question is actually a reminder.   Fit with a school is all about answering "Where is the love?"  That is to say, your justification for attending a particular MBA program should very much include both justifications based on reason ("I a want to study finance because...") and passion ("I'm excited about the prospect of becoming part of your community because..").   Showing "love" is all about providing a comprehensive explanation for a why a particular school is right for you.

I find that many applicants can naturally express love when it comes to their top choice school(s), but especially when it comes their safety schools, the love starts to fade.  However, it is especially important with safety schools that you need to show love.  They have been jilted so many times before (Hence their low yield) by admits, that they will be sensitive to this.  Especially with schools that have a low rate of acceptance and a low yield (Haas for example), showing the love is critical.    You certainly want to make sure you get into your back-up(s), so take the steps to convince them that they really are your first choice (at least in theory).  Don't think for a moment that it is callous or dishonest to create such an impression because it may very much become the case that your backup becomes the love of your life.

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