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August 30, 2010

Brief Report on CBS Tokyo Event August 30, 2010

You can find my Twittercast for the Columbia Business School Tokyo Event at http://twitter.com/adammarkus. The date would be August 30, 2010 from about 7pm-8:30pm Japan time. Main takeaways of interest (at least to me):

1. I had a chance to ask the admissions officer if much had changed since the former Director of Admissions, Linda Meehan, had moved on to a non-admissions position at CBS.  The answer I received was "YES!" Delivered with a smile.  She confirmed that much was changing in admissions and that the introduction of the personality essay reflected that change.  See my analysis of CBS essays for 2011 admission here. Actually, the only reason I came to this event was to ask this question.  I was very satisfied with my answer. :)

2.  It is possible to apply for Regular Decision even now without the onus of Early Decision.  That said, I can't see this as great strategy because essentially it says you are not really that committed to CBS.  Better to just wait until after the ED deadline has passed.  By the way, CBS will be taking RD applications until APRIL 13, 2011!  Though, I can't imagine there will be many places left at such a late date.

Like all CBS events I have been to in Tokyo, a bunch of alumni showed up and the event was very well attended.

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