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January 01, 2011

Happy 2011! Some thoughts on 2010

Happy New Year!

Now that 2010 is dead and buried, here are few thoughts from an admissions consultant taking a writing break from reading his clients stuff.

2010 Regrets:
1. Sorry I did not get a Chicago Essay post up.  My bad.  I just ran out of time.
2. Not as many posts on school selection as I would have liked.
3. Not as posts on MBA rankings.
4. The fact that I did nothing about making the blog look better.  I am lazy in this regard.
5. Not as many posts as I wanted to get up, but my clients just kept me too busy!

2010 Milestones:
1. GMAT Sentence Correction posts for Japanese readers by published author, Taichi Kono.
2. Webinar on Reapplication with the support of my long-time colleague, Vince Ricci.
3. I started writing about MBA recommendations this November.  It has been a topic that I had wanted to handle, but for a variety reasons had not. There will be more.
4.  I had more clients admitted into INSEAD, Stanford, and MIT than I ever have before.
5.  My client-base has come to fully reflect the diverse national origin of my blog's readership, which was a core goal I had established when I starting writing my blog in
2007. It has been a real pleasure working with a diverse and amazing individuals.

I want to personally thank each of my readers for taking the time to read my posts.
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