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July 21, 2011


One question that I frequently asked is about the minimum GMAT required for INSEAD.

What INSEAD's site says is the following:
While we do not have a minimum score required for admission, we advise candidates to aim for a score at or above the 70-75th percentile for both the quantitative and verbal sections of the GMAT and a percentile of 75-80th or above for the quantitative and verbal sections of the GRE. Please keep in mind, however, that standardised tests are just one of several admission criteria. A high score does not guarantee admission, and a below average score does not eliminate a candidate.

Based on my experience, they are simply hedging this a bit too much because the 70% in the quantitative and verbal sections really is a minimum for a viable application.  I have had two candidates in the last years apply who overall scores over 70%, but verbal or quantitative scores below that and they were both told to retake GMAT,  but that there applications were otherwise great, and once a new score meeting the 70% range requirement was submitted, their application would reevaluated.  One candidate decided to attend another program, the other received the necessary GMAT and was admitted.   If your score is at all under the 70% mark, I highly recommend taking GMAT again.

Keep in mind that at INSEAD, GMAT (or GRE) is the only criteria, aside from English minimums- (TOEFL (iTOEFL: 105, Computer-Based: 260, Paper-Based, 620); IELTS (7.5); CPE (B) and the PTE Academic (72), TOEIC Listening and Reading (950); TOEIC Writing (170); TOEIC Speaking (190)-  for those applicants who need to demonstrate it, that INSEAD applicants have in common.  Given the extremely diverse nature of INSEAD's students in terms of nationality, education, and professional background, this makes perfect sense.  I think the minimums reflect the fast paced nature of a program that requires both solid English and quantitative skills.  Even a bachelor's degree is not required at INSEAD in the case of exceptional candidates.

I have worked with a hugely diverse group of clients who have been accepted to INSEAD, but the only thing they had in common was that their GMAT score met the 70% minimum.

-Adam Markus
アダム マーカス
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