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October 27, 2011

Wharton MBA Interview Chat 10/26/2011

I just participated in Wharton's Chat on MBA Interviews held between 6pm and 7pm EST on October, 26, 2011.  
It was very useful.  As I indicated in an earlier post this week, Wharton will be using behavioral questions.  However, unlike last year, the questions will likely be wide like MIT asks and not narrow the way Wharton did last year.  In addition, interviews will no longer be conducted by conducted by alumni, but only admissions officers and trained second year students. UPDATE: My preparation guide to Wharton interviews is here.

Here is what I learned:
(Note: Typos in quotes are not mine.)

Interviews will not be limited to small number of behavioral questions, but based on a larger list than last year's 3 categories/6 questions:
Question: "Will interviewers be asking set questions like last year?"
Answer: "We will be asking behavioral questions...we don't have a set, we have many questions to choose from."

Question: "Will the style be more open ended than last year? That is, we should prepare for a very wide range of behavioral questions?"
Answer: "yes"

Wharton Adcom's  Advice for Preparing for the Interview:
"Come professionally dressed and with a good understanding of what to expect in a behavioral interview"

"I would encourage you to do some google research...behavioral interviews are based on situations and reactions"

"try become familiar with what behavioral questions are like so you have an idea what to expect..."

"Just consider how to best answer the questions we ask, relating your own exp"

"review your resume, think about your past experiences that have impacted you. practice behavioral interview questions

To prepare for the interview, know your experiences and learn more about behaviroal interviews - the style adn what to expect"

"We don't release questions ahead of time...i recomend you look up basic behavioral questions to get a sense"

"We do not disclose questions ahead of time"

"review your past experiences, practice behavioral questions with a friend or colleague."

"Just know your application and your experiences - that is good preparation!"

"The interview is behavioral, though I'm sure your interviewer will chat with you informally before and after..."

"Try relax and enjoy the interview experience as a chance to meet us and share your experiences and strengths!"

ALL Interviews Conducted by Admissions Officers and Trained Second Year Students, No Alumni Interviews this year! (BIG CHANGE)
"There is no difference between interviews conducted by Admissions Staff vs. current students"
"this year we are not using alumni interviewers in an effort to keep our interview style more consistent"
"There are many ways alums can engage with prospective students and other events are usually more effective."
"we wanted to keep interview results a little more consistent, which is easier to do with a smaller group of interviewers"
All interviews will be run by AdCom in HUB cities and all interviews are blind"

Off-Campus versus Campus Interviews: No Difference.
"The interview location is weighted equally - on campus or in one of our HUB city."
"Wherever is convenient to you. Although, we do recommend campus if you have not have the opportunity to visit."

Wharton will be interviewing 30%-40% of All Applicants
Question: Of all the application rounds aprox. what percentage are invited for interviews ?
Answer: 30% - 40 %

-Adam Markus
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