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April 23, 2012

My visit to IESE in Barcelona

I had the pleasure of visiting IESE Business School in Barcelona on April 16th.   I have been traveling in Europe since early April and will be doing so until returning to Tokyo on June 16th, so my visit to IESE was my only “work” this month.  That said, visiting IESE was a real pleasure.  The campus is located in one of the many very lovely parts of Barcelona.

My visit was arranged by a former client.  I really appreciate his willingness to take time to make arrangements for me to visit one of his classes, to meet with Ms. Itziar de Ros Raventós, the Admissions Director, and to give me a tour of the campus.

Like other top international MBA programs, the thing that struck me about being in a class at IESE was how diverse the class was.  The class I attended, Operation Strategy, taught by Professor Alejandro Lago, was very dynamic.  I was very impressed by the class and the level of student engagement.  As a case method focused program, the class environment was quite similar to HBS except the students at IESE are much more diverse. I was particularly glad to see the highly active participation of so many Japanese students in the class I attended.  Japanese students in MBA programs worldwide often have a reputation for not being active in class, but at least in the first-year class I attended, this was not the case. IESE's Japanese student page is here. Based on what I observed, IESE surely provides the kind of internationalizing and personally transformative education that only the best MBA programs provide.

Ms. de Ros Raventós was kind enough to take some time to talk with me. I want to thank her for giving me a better understanding of IESE and answering some of my overall questions.    

This is my first blog post on IESE, but I doubt it will be my last.
Now back to my vacation.

-Adam Markus
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