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November 03, 2012

Wharton Group Interview Questions Now Made Public

For my most recent post on Wharton interviews, please see Preparing for Wharton Interviews for the Class of 2015.

As far as I know the only site to put the questions up is http://admissionado.com/mba/resources/tackling-the-new-wharton-interview/.  I have already seen the questions, but as is my longstanding policy, I never release such information publically in the event that it could in any way be traced back to my clients. Call me Mr. Paranoid.   Now that the cat is out of the bag, here are the questions:

The Wharton School is committed to supporting our stakeholders as they acquire and refine the knowledge and skills they need to be successful professionally. As potential Wharton students, what is one key business skill that you think post-business school professionals must have in order to be successful, long-term, in their career?

The Wharton School’s mission is to enhance economic and social good around the world by turning knowledge into action and impact. What is the most importantsocietal challenge that could be addressed more effectively by the business community today?

I have never heard of that particular admissions consulting site before, but all I did was a search on the questions.  I think GMAT Club does not even have them up yet.

My previous posts on Wharton interviews for 2013 admission can be found here and here.  I hope to consolidate all of this into one post soon, but I will wait until after 1st Round to do so.

-Adam Markus
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