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June 18, 2013

Q&A with a Member of the London Business School MBA Class of 2014

My former client, MBA2014 is Japanese. He worked in Tokyo in Investment Banking for four years as a credit trader He received MBA sponsorship from his company and joined the MBA program at London Business School in August 2012.


Adam: What parts of the London Business School program have you liked the most? The least?

MBA2014: Flexibility is the key to me. Especially in coming second year, I am going to exchange to China, CEIBS. After coming back to LBS, I focus on finance for my elective choices while some classmates do second internship by using whole terms. You can design your program as you wish here.  The facilities are bit old…

Adam: What has most surprised you about your first year?

MBA2014: The fact LBS located in central London provides students a practical opportunity. Every night, we have guest speakers in various events, such as banker, manager at consulting firms, entrepreneurs or investors. Students even can visit their offices directly and discuss over topics such as job application or business ideas.

Adam: How would you describe the culture of London Business School?

MBA2014: Creativity from collaborative attitude of diversified students. No concept of 'international students' in LBS, and each student accept and enjoy classmates' cultural aspects one another. As a result, students often create something new such as business ideas or cool events to LBS community.

Adam: Do you actually have any time for clubs? If so, which ones are you active in?

MBA2014: I participate in various professional clubs including Finance Club, Investment Management Club or PE & VC Club. I also join Japan Club which mainly organize Japan Trip and BoardGame Club for fun. BoardGame Club is really a fun. Every time you play new games with brief explanation, you should understand rules and set strategy in short period. It could be good practice for assessment of the situation and prompt decision making.

Adam: Are there any common characteristics you find amongst your classmates?

MBA2014: LBS has really diversified students profile, but I can say that most of us have welcome-attitude towards different culture or value, and really enjoy collaborating with those who are different.

Adam: Are there any changes coming to the school?

MBA2014: LBS purchased buildings recently, and will expand its campus. For program, due to increasing demand, LBS offers more opportunity to experience global dynamism. For example, during 2nd year Global Business Experiences provides students with a unique opportunity to learn about global business through a week-long immersion in five different locations.
See below link for detail:

Adam: What are you doing this summer?

MBA2014: Because I got company sponsorship for MBA, I cannot commit any internship. Instead, I take an opportunity to participate in volunteer work at World Heritage site in India. For rest of summer, I am going to be a globe trotter.

Adam: Do you have any specific advice for those considering application to your school?

MBA2014: LBS is truly student-oriented school. LBS really want students who can contribute our community, so you have to write in detail when you apply.

Adam: Are there any specific websites or blogs that you would recommend that applicants look at to learn more about your school?

MBA2014: LBS students share their experiences here: http://blog.students.london.edu/.  For Japanese applicants, LBS's Japan Club shares information in Japanese, here: http://www.lbsjapan.com/.


I want to thank MBA2014 for taking the time to answer my questions.

-Adam Markus
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