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August 31, 2013

Mock IMD Case Interview Preparation Course

While I frequently prepare clients for interviews, I don’t do case preparation interview training myself. This becomes an issue for IMD interviewees, so I am pleased to be able to refer my clients and blog readers to a Mock IMD Case Interview Preparation Course.  This service is provided by an MBA holder with extensive international business experience.  If you are interested in these courses, please email me at adammarkus@gmail.com and I will put you in touch with the instructor.
Of course, if you are looking for preparation for the one-to-one interview that is part of the IMD interview day, I do prepare clients for that.

Mock IMD Case Interview Preparation Course

Course Description: The course will be 90 minutes in length, delivered over Skype or Hangout and will require some preparation.  The case will be provided to you beforehand and you will be expected to 1) identify the issue, 2) think of the available options as a solution to the problem, 3) structure a logical flow for your presentation, and 4) formulate your opinion and a compelling rationale to support your recommendation.  I will help you along the way, and also show you some techniques and tricks to make your comments stand out.  I will present opposing views, as well, and coach you how you should react, in a professional and intelligent fashion.  Finally, I will ask you to present your case, which I will provide a critique at the end. IMD, or any business school for that matter, is interested in how you arrive at your conclusion, collaborate with others in the process, and finally, how well you present your recommendation.

The Result: This course will enable you to show that you are 1) analytical, 2) can work effectively on a team, and 3) present yourself and your ideas confidently, utilizing compelling data and effective presentation techniques.  The goal will be to ensure that not only  you gain admission, but will also give you a toolbox of skills that will last throughout your career.

Cost: $250.00
Instructor Background: A US national and MBA holder from UNC will be delivering the training.  This instructor has held senior management positions at Dell, Google and Oracle.  He is a certified toastmaster, fluent in Japanese and specializes in helping MBA candidates gain their "edge" and avoid common pitfalls.

-Adam Markus
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