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September 04, 2007

WARNING: Georgetown MBA is watching who attends their events

I applied for, but did not attend the Georgetown MBA reception that was held tonight here in Tokyo. The MBA Tour is in town and Georgetown did their own reception. Only a few hours after the event ended, I received the following email from Georgetown:
We regret you were unable to attend our recent event and hope to have the chance to see you at a future Georgetown MBA event.

If you have yet to visit campus, we hope you will choose to see why Georgetown MBA may be a perfect fit for you! Class visits and information sessions are available Mondays - Thursdays. Learn more about these opportunities and the Georgetown MBA Full-Time Program through our Web site at http://mba.georgetown.edu.

Georgetown MBA Full-Time Program
Office of Admissions

If you wanted proof that admissions offices look at who attends events, this is it. I was curious to learn what Georgetown's McDonough School of Business does with the data, so I wrote them. I received the following reply very quickly:

Sorry we missed you this evening. We do track who attends our events. It helps us know who is most interested in Georgetown, but of course we understand if candidates cannot make it sometimes.

If you do have questions, please feel free to visit with our Admissions Officer at The MBA Tour Fair in Tokyo this Thursday, September 6.
Best regards,
The Georgetown MBA Admissions Team

GEORGETOWN IS WATCHING! If you want to go there, you better attend as many of their events as you can.
In the past other schools have indicated that they don't do this sort of tracking, but maybe times have changed. If you have any similar experiences with other schools, please write comments or email me at adammarkus@gmail.com.
-Adam Markus
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