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February 10, 2008

Additional Comments Regarding "The 98"

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In regards to "The 98," my MBA program ranking by salary, I wanted to make some additional comments.

One advantage of a salary-based list of programs worldwide is that it helps to see the rising market value of MBA programs. It also means that those of us who help applicants considering worldwide application, start to pay more attention to such national leaders as the Indian School of Business, China Europe International Business School, Cranfield School of Management, and Australian Graduate School of Management. I will certainly begin coverage of these schools.

For those with a US MBA bias, this ranking should be humbling because so many of what are usually ranked quite highly in the US, don't, at least at the salary level, look as attractive as a FT, Businessweek or other such ranking might suggest.

Canada's top MBA programs don't rate very well at all. With the highest ranked coming in at 50 and a disproportionate number coming at the bottom of the list, it appears that the initial market value of these degrees is not spectacular.

From a school selection perspective, I think looking at the stark reality of the expected financial outcome is critical. Looking at this solely helps to put the outcome into focus. "The 98" is only one possible way of doing this.

I am well aware that applicants don't simply make selection choices on the basis of salary, but I think evaluating programs on this basis is one important consideration. In a subsequent post of rather large size, I will provide a more complete list of selection criteria.

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