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February 16, 2008

MBA Interview Preparation: Special Offer to My Readers

If you have appreciated my blog posts on MBA interview preparation, you can now get get even more comprehensive advice from me. To thank readers of my blog, I am happy to offer a comprehensive interview preparation consulting session service. This special offer is available only for those seeking interview preparation and consists of the following:

1. We will have a one-hour session consisting of a mock session and
feedback. Alternatively for those who want a pure strategy session, the mock session will be omitted.

2. Face-to-face sessions are available in Tokyo, but otherwise the session will be conducted via Skype or, at your expense, by telephone.

3. I will review your complete application for one school in order to give you detailed personalized advice on how to prepare for and succeed at even the toughest interviews.

4. If you are interviewing for a school where the questions are likely to based on your application, I will formulate a list of questions specific to you.

The total cost will be $200 or 20,000 yen per session (you choose the currency). Additional sessions maybe scheduled as well. Contact me for details regarding bulk session discounts.

For information about my other services, see adammarkus.com, but note that the website will not mention this special offer.

If you are interested in preparing thoroughly for your interviews, please email me at adammarkus@gmail.com to arrange for payment and scheduling of your session.

Please Note: This offer expires on April 1, 2008, but maybe withdrawn without prior notice due to my limited availability.

-Adam Markus
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