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May 08, 2008

Services Available for Graduate Admissions Consultants

I have noticed a recent upswing in the number of my readers who access my website from other admissions consulting businesses located here in Japan.


The more readers I can provide with solid information on MBA and other graduate programs, the better. I am happy to share my expertise not only with applicants, but those who attempt to advise them.

Additionally, as I am a highly experienced manager and trainer of admissions consultants, I would welcome any inquiries from other admissions consulting businesses looking to improve the abilities of their staff or overall service. I can provide consulting to cover any of the following areas:
1. Training of consultants.
2. Hiring strategies.
3. Structuring consulting services to best meet the needs of clients and the logistical and financial requirements of an admissions consulting business.
4. Curriculum development for both training counselors and for use with clients.
5. For services that provide consulting in languages other English, I can provide a variety of perspectives and solutions to maximize your results.
6. Marketing and sales related considerations.
7. I am also available for meetings and seminars.

Given that another season of admissions is at an end, now is the perfect time to begin to further expand your graduate consulting business so that your team can reach its full potential. I would welcome any opportunity to serve as a partner in that endeavor. I can offer a price structure to meet your specific needs. Please email me at adammarkus@gmail.com if you are interested in discussing this further. Thank you again for your continued support of my blog and I hope to hear from you.

-Adam Markus
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