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October 11, 2008

CitiAssist Program News Update

I suspect we will learn fairly soon how many schools have been impacted by the end of unsecured CitiAssist loans for international students. The story is starting to appear widely. In addition to the New York Times piece on MIT Sloan and information on the Ross site, Clear Admit has just reported that program ended at Cornell's Johnson and that it would also impact other schools (HBS and Wharton were mentioned) that offer CitiAssist loans to international students without a co-signer.

Actually, Sloanie Ted Chan's "2BL.org" blog reported on the 6th about MIT Sloan's program ending and mentioned on the 10th that this would impact HBS. Ted presents an interesting analysis of the impact of the ending of CitiAssist that I would recommend reading.

-Adam Markus
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