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June 05, 2009

FALL 2010 US MBA Apps as of 6/5/09: Stanford, HBS, Chicago, Kellogg, CBS, and Wharton

7/1/09 NOTE: As indicated in subsequent posts, the information on Wharton below is wrong. At the time I wrote this post, there was an error on the Wharton website. The essays have changed substantially and that will be reflected in my analysis of the Wharton set.


HBS, Stanford GSB and Wharton win the early bird award for updating their esssay and deadline information for Fall 2010 admission.

Wharton's essays for Fall 2010 admission remain unchanged from last year. 6/8 UPDATE: Click here for my Fall 201o analysis. By the way, five of my clients were admitted to Wharton for the Class of 2011. Click here for my client results for Fall 2009 admission. By the way, I always think Wharton is one of the best essay sets to work on first because the content will be really useful for other applications. I feel the same way about Kellogg, but Kellogg has yet to update their website for Fall 201o admission. Tuck has not done so either.

Stanford GSB has already updated there site for Fall 2010 application. Happily for me, only the essay C content has been somewhat altered from last year's options. I will be updating my post on Stanford's MBA application sometime in late June. You can find my Fall 2009 analysis here. I would also recommend reading my recent Q&A with a Member of the Class of 2010.

According to the HBS site, they will have their Fall 2010 MBA application up in July, but the questions for the Class of 2012 are already on the site (Thanks to reader for pointing that out to me). Two out of the five optional questions changed this year. My analysis for HBS will be up in late June.

Chicago Booth's
application will also be up in July. Again, I would not start working on that one for Fall 2010 admission till they put it up.

While the January 2010 application is up for Columbia Business School (See here for my post), everything else is "TBD." I would not necessarily start working on this one yet though I think it is highly unlikely they will change essay 1.

MIT Sloan's online application is up, but the new altered essay set for Fall 2009 is up. My analysis will be up in late June.

I have not checked a number of other schools yet, but since the US programs don't typically update till July or August, I have not bothered. I usually start looking more systematically in July.

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