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April 01, 2011


According to sources yet unidentified, a number of MBA programs will be merging in order to increase class size, reduce academic quality, create curricular confusion, and otherwise benefit from successful M&A.  "This trend is the logical outcome of bad ideas converging," said one unidentified source possibly party to negotiations between HBS and MIT Sloan.  "Larry Summers might be involved, but if not someone else is," the same source potentially said.  In the case of the Stanford and Darden merger, a senior official is reported to have been laughing hysterically at the branding possibilities as well as the complete lack of potential for the merger of the two institutions' cultures: "Yes, it is a completely idiotic plan, but like so much M&A, you reach a certain level of negotiation, and the parties just ignore all the potential problems;  Sometimes, you just have to go for it!"

-Mada Sukram
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