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November 09, 2011

Comments regarding BW Article on Technology in MBA Applications

I just posted the following comment on the BusinessWeek article "MBA Admissions 2.0: Technology Makes Inroads":

"This article is actually  inaccurate  regarding the specific questions discussed. It creates the misleading impression that technology is actually required when answering questions for NYU and Booth:
1. Booth's 4 page presentation question is in fact, not a test of Power Point as it does not allow for a dynamic use of Power Point, but simply requires 4 static pages.  It is certainly a presentation, but it is as much a technological inroad as using MS Word is to type an essay.  It certainly is a creative, but for many years, NYU has allowed applicants to  make such presentations.  Booth was simply the first school to require one.
2. NYU does not ask "candidates to share something about themselves in a creative way—using a USB drive, DVD, or CD" as this is simply one option.  It would have been accurate to state that. It is not helpful to MBA applicants to tell that will asked to do that.  Applicants can also write an essay, make a presentation, draw a painting, actually there are many possibilities and NYU is very clear about the options.  It is a pity that this article could not convey that the audio/visual recorded option is just one such option.
 -Adam Markus, MBA Admissions Consultant and Blogger"

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