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November 11, 2011

First Public Wharton November 2011 interview Report

Update: My updated analysis of Wharton MBA interviews for Fall  2012 is now up

The first public Wharton Interview Report is now up on the Clear Admit Wiki:
"I just had my interview with a 2nd year Wharton student today. The interviewer was very friendly and tried to keep things casual. We had a similar professional background (finance) and even shared the same past employer. The interview went smoothly and roughly as expected. There were a few standard, introductory questions at first and then three behavioral questions. They were similar but not exactly the same as last year's list. The general questions were:

-Tell me about yourself/walk me through your resume (I explained why MBA here)
-Why Wharton?

I don't remember the exact wording but the behavioral questions were something like:
-Describe a time when someone convinced you to change your opinion. How did they do it and what was your response?
-Describe a situation where team members initially disagreed with you and you convinced them of your view. What was your strategy and their response?
-Describe a time when you had to manage someone either much more or much less experienced than you. What was your strategy and their response? Were you successful?

At the end there were also some questions about my personal interests and then there was an opportunity to ask him questions. Total time was almost exactly 30 minutes."

While there is no way to verify whether all interviews will consist of contact like the above until we have multiple reports, this is a pretty good indication of what to expect.
Without further public reports, I can't say whether the two non-behavioral questions above are optional or standard or whether the report was inaccurate.  That said, during their interview chat, Wharton adcom emphasized knowing the resume.

-Adam Markus
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