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November 03, 2007

LBS is monitoring who attends their events, but..

For the rest of the story, see Part 2.

oday, I received the following email from the London Business School:
"Dear Adam,
Thank you for your interest in the Full-time MBA Programme.
Our records show that you weren't able to attend our recent Information Session. We're sorry to have missed this opportunity to meet you...."

The only event I registered for was on October 9, 2007 and I attended. When I attended the event, they checked my name off their list. Since the above email does not specify what event I did not attend, I can't be certain that they missed me at the event that I did attend. In any case, as with what I reported about Georgetown back in September, LBS is watching.

I suppose this makes sense too, because LBS is after all in the UK, a country filled with closed circuit video cameras monitoring the public, supposedly to stop crime, but apparently with no actual impact. Like Orwell's big brother in 1984, the UK is watching you and so is the London Business School. Maybe some people like being monitored, but I don't.

This sort of monitoring certainly sends the wrong message to applicants, hard working people, who can't always leave work early to attend a weekday event. Admissions can learn through the applications they receive and the interviews they conduct whether an applicant really fits their school, so I can't imagine the advantage of counting heads at events.

Worse still, if you are going to count heads, be accurate about it. At least I am not an applicant, so I don't have to worry that my supposed "no-show" will be held against me. Hopefully this tool is not actually being used as part of the admissions process as seems to be the case with Georgetown. Still I think the whole thing is intrusive and leaves me with a very bad impression.

At least they could have included something like the following: "If you have received this email in error, please don't worry as attendance at events is not being monitored for purposes of admissions decisions."

I am sending an email to LBS, to see how they respond. Once I get a response, if I get one, I will post it. UPDATE: I received a response.

If you have any similar experiences, please let me know about them by sending email to adammarkus@gmail.com. I am happy to report them here and like my Georgetown post, they will likely rank high in search engine results.

-Adam Markus
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