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June 18, 2008

A Comparison Of Rankings For Top 20 MBA Programs Worldwide

This is the first of two posts on MBA Rankings. The second post is here. See also my ranking of these programs by acceptance rate.
Click here for all of my rankings tables together in one post.

MBA Rankings are important because applicants, recruiters, students, and the schools themselves pay great attention to them. As to their basis in reality, I am not a statistician, so I can't judge their validity as measurements. I won't even try.

For me the chief value in MBA rankings is that they provide lists of schools that are generally thought to be superior by enough people and institutions so that the authors of the rankings are taken somewhat seriously. Applicants take them seriously enough when selecting where to apply. B-Schools take them seriously enough to mention their rankings.

If you are told that your company will only sponsor you for a "Top 20" MBA program, then you will have to take these lists seriously. Every year I have had Japanese clients who have been under such constraints. I hope the following is somewhat helpful to them.

What I have done here is simply take all the major lists and look only at the rankings for top 20 programs as ranked by Businessweek, the Financial Times, US News and World Report, The Wall Street Journal, Fortune Magazine, and The Economist Intelligence Unit. Following this table, you see each ranking list. Note: If less than 20 programs are listed that is because less than 20 were ranked.
To best view the following table, click on it.

The rankings lists:

New Businessweek rankings will be coming in October 2008, this are the rankings from October 2006.

Top 20 US
1 University of Chicago
2 University of Pennsylvania (Wharton)
3 Northwestern University (Kellogg)
4 Harvard University
5 University of Michigan (Ross)
6 Stanford University
7 MIT (Sloan)
8 UC Berkeley (Haas)
9 Duke University (Fuqua)
10 Columbia University
11 Dartmouth (Tuck)
12 UCLA (Anderson)
13 Cornell University (Johnson)
14 NYU (Stern)
15 University of Virginia (Darden)
16 Carnegie Mellon (Tepper)
17 UNC - Chapel Hill (Kenan-Flagler)
18 Indiana University (Kelley)
19 Yale University
20 University of Texas - Austin

Non-U.S. Top 10 MBA Programs

1 Queens University
2 Western Ontario (Ivey)
3 Toronto (Rotman)
5 London Business School
9 York (Schulich)
10 HEC - Montreal

March 2008
1. Harvard University
1. Stanford University
3. University of Pennsylvania (Wharton)
4. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Sloan)
4. Northwestern University (Kellogg)
4. University of Chicago
7. Dartmouth College (Tuck)
7. University of California--Berkeley (Haas)
9. Columbia University
10 . New York University (Stern)
11. University of California--Los Angeles (Anderson)
12 .University of Michigan--Ann Arbor (Ross)
13. Yale University
14. Cornell University (Johnson)
14. Duke University (Fuqua)
14 . University of Virginia (Darden)
17. Carnegie Mellon University (Tepper)
18. University of Texas--Austin (McCombs)
19. University of North Carolina--Chapel Hill (Kenan-Flagler)
20. Indiana University--Bloomington (Kelley)

Top Twenty Worldwide

1. University of Pennsylvania: Wharton
2. London Business School
3. Columbia Business School
4. Stanford University GSB
5. Harvard Business School
7. MIT: Sloan US
8. IE Business School
9. University of Chicago GSB
10. University of Cambridge: Judge UK
12. IESE Business School
13. New York University: Stern
14. IMD Switzerland
15. Dartmouth College: Tuck
16. Yale School of Management
17. Hong Kong UST Business School
18. HEC Paris France
19. University of Oxford
20. Indian School of Business


National Ranking: Recruiters hiring for jobs in the US
1. Dartmouth College (Tuck)
2. University of California, Berkeley (Haas)
3. Columbia University
4. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Sloan)
5. Carnegie Mellon University (Tepper)
6. University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill (Kenan-Flagler)
7. University of Michigan (Ross)
8. Yale University
9 . University of Chicago
10. University of Virginia (Darden)
11. University of Pennsylvania (Wharton)
12. Northwestern University (Kellogg)
13. Duke University (Fuqua)
14. Harvard University
15. University of California, Los Angeles (Anderson)
16. Cornell University (Johnson)
17. New York University (Stern)
18. University of Southern California (Marshall)
19. Stanford University

Recruiters Hiring for Jobs Primarily Outside of the US

2. IMD
3. London Business School
5. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Sloan)
6. Columbia University
8. Tecnológico de Monterrey (EGADE)
9. HEC Paris
10. Thunderbird
11. York University (Schulich)
12. University of Western Ontario (Ivey)
13. University of Chicago
14. Instituto de Empresa (IE)
16. University of Pennsylvania (Wharton)
17. Bocconi University
18. Erasmus University (Rotterdam)
19. IESE
20. Northwestern University (Kellogg)

2007 Ranking
1. Chicago, University of - Graduate School of Business
2. Stanford Graduate School of Business
3. IESE Business School - University of Navarra
4. Dartmouth College--Tuck School of Business
5. IMD - International Institute for Management Development
6. California at Berkeley, University of--Haas School of Business
7. Cambridge, University of - Judge Business School
8. New York University - Leonard N Stern School of Business
9. IE Business School
10. Henley Business School
11. Cranfield School of Management
12. Michigan, University of - Stephen M Ross School of Business
13. Harvard Business School
14. Northwestern University - Kellogg School of Management
15. London Business School
16. MIT Sloan School of Management
18. Columbia Business School
19. Ashridge
20. Hong Kong UST -- School of Business and Management


Top US
  1. Dartmouth (Tuck)
  2. Stanford
  3. Harvard
  4. Virginia (Darden)
  5. Pennsylvania (Wharton)
  6. Columbia
  7. Chicago
  8. Yale
  9. Northwestern (Kellogg)
  10. Cornell (Johnson)
  11. NYU (Stern)
  12. Duke (Fuqua)
  13. UC Berkeley (Haas)
  14. Texas-Austin (McCombs)
  15. UNC (Kenan-Flagler)
  16. Iowa (Tippie)
  17. MIT (Sloan)
  18. Brigham Young (Marriott)
  19. Michigan State (Broad)
  20. Carnegie Mellon (Tepper)

Top Non-U.S. One-Year Business Schools
1. IMD
2. Instituto de Empresa
3. Cranfield
4. SDA Bocconi
5. University of Oxford
6. Lancaster
7. City University, Cass
8. Queen's
9. HEC-Montreal

Top Non-U.S. Two-Year Business Schools
2. London Business School
3. Manchester Business School
4. York
6. Australian Graduate School of Management (AGSM)
7. UBC, Saunder
10. HEC-Paris
11. McGill

Read the second post in this series for the Averaged Ranking of the 54 "Top 20" Programs.

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-Adam Markus
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