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June 02, 2008

Good TOEFL iBT Speaking Section Preparation?

I asked this same question in April, but I will ask again: Does anyone know of any particularly good TOEFL iBT Speaking Section preparation courses? At least here in Japan, I have not received very favorable comments from my clients about the iBT Speaking courses that are available in Tokyo (perhaps, I am unaware of a good one, I hope). I asked this same question to my fellow AIGAC (Association of International Graduate Admission Consultants) members, but without receiving any reply from them, so I am guessing that no one has yet developed a very effective test solution to this section other than the obvious: Study and practice English speaking intensely because the new TOEFL is a test of real ability. Actually that was the conclusion I came to when I analyzed what ETS wrote about their test. Read more about my analysis of the new TOEFL iBT here.

If anyone has had good experiences with any form (live classes, one-to-one sessions, and/or internet-based) of TOEFL iBT Speaking test preparation available in any country, please email me at adammarkus@gmail.com.

Also, in the unlikely event that someone who teaches ibt TOEFL Speaking reads this post and thinks that they have an effective teaching solution to the Speaking test and/or to the other sections of the TOEFL, please contact me at adammarkus@gmail.com. If I find that you have an effective solution, I will be happy to consider promoting it.

-Adam Markus
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