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June 13, 2008

Attend The MBA Tour and World MBA Tour Events!

The MBA Tour has now posted its Fall 2008 schedule and The World MBA Tour has has posted its Summer 2008 schedule. If you can attend one or both of these MBA fairs I suggest doing so. Depending on your location, early registration may be advisable. These fairs are a great way of getting a huge amount of information quickly, possibly networking with admissions officers and alum, and getting free pens!

While these massive fairs can be helpful, they are an imperfect substitute for attending a school-specific admissions or alumni events or, better yet, visiting a school. Keep in mind that being well informed about where you apply can often be critical, especially for more selective programs. Intensive and extensive networking with admissions officers, alum, and current students is something you should prepare yourself for and these fairs are a good first step.

If you want to do an open invitation interview, now is the time to start getting your resume in order. A number of these schools will likely be doing interviewing, so while you may still be focused on GMAT and or iBT TOEFL right now, you should start to think about preparing for such interviews. For my post on interview strategy, click here. Additionally see here for how to start formulating your goals. Of course, you should also think about whether you really need an MBA.

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