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August 01, 2008

GMAC Scoretop Investigation Narrows

If you have been following the Scoretop story, the recent Businessweek online chat with the Graduate Management Admission Council's Peg Jöbst (GMACPegJ) is worth a look. According to the chat, GMAC is not investigating all Scoretop users:
GMACPegJ: GMAC is limiting its investigation to those individuals who a) posted GMAT questions they saw on their GMAT exam, and b) posted a message on Scoretop confirming that they saw items from the Scoretop Web site on their GMAT exam. In these instances, GMAC will cancel GMAT scores and notify schools to which those scores were sent.

However those that fit into category a or b might not only find their scores canceled, but find themselves barred from taking the GMAT again:

Ralph4000: If a candidate were found to fit into one of those categories, and the score was canceled, would the student or prospective student be allowed to retake the GMAT?

GMACPegJ: Not likely.

GMACPegJ would not state how many applicants were under investigation.

-Adam Markus
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