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July 31, 2008

One year of blogging

I started blogging on graduate admissions in July of last year. Some told me that I should not use my own name as the blog name, but I told them that since I was presenting my own views and my consulting service, there seemed little value to coming up with the kind of clever brand name that many of my competitors use. Such brand names frequently obscure rather clarify the service that is being offered. And since I believe that I am my own brand, I have acted on that basis. So even with my slightly counterintuitive url, http://adam-markus.blogspot.com/, my readers have found me. No fancy tricks have been utilized to do so. My advanced method of "Search Engine Optimization" has simply involved having content that applicants want to read. I have also greatly benefited by links to my site from my fellow bloggers.

I would especially like to thank:
-Steve Green, my guest blogger and colleague
-ET, for valuable advice
-My wife, Akiko, for her support

I look forward to continuing to provide a unique perspective on admissions issues. By the way, I am sorry that I did not get my Kellogg post out this month, but it will be coming soon. I have had a busier off-season than I anticipated. Over the next week, I hope to get Kellogg, MIT, and INSEAD up. In addition, Duke, Tuck, Haas, Oxford, and Cambridge are also likely prospects for August.

-Adam Markus
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