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September 12, 2008

アイルラン 留学フェスティバル2008

My friends at Japan's Enterprise Ireland Office asked me to announce that they will be holding an education fair in Osaka and Tokyo. The English version follows the Japanese.

開催名称  : アイルランド留学フェスティバル2008
会期 : 10月11日(土)大阪;13日(月)東京


(人気のケルト音楽、アイリッシュダンス、スポーツ、美味しいアイリッシュ・フードなど)を紹介します。「オールウェイズ ウェルカム」アイルランドへの扉を開けてみませんか?

主催 : アイルランド政府商務庁 アイルランド政府観光庁
開催名称  : アイルランド留学フェスティバル2008
会期 : 10月11日(土)13:00~18:00
会場 : 読売新聞ホール
会期 : 10月13日(月、祭日)11:00~18:00
会場 : 読売新聞ホール

参加校 : 大学、カレッジ、語学学校、約20校予定(通訳付き)
入場料 : 入場無料
ウェブサイト : www.study-ireland.jp

Ireland Study Abroad Festival 2008
October 11th (sat) in Osaka; October 13th (Mon) in Tokyo

Want to Live, Laugh and Learn in Ireland? The Ireland Study Abroad Festival 2008 gives you a great opportunity to talk directly with representatives from Irish universities, colleges and English language schools – as well as get a taste of Irish culture!

Following on the success of last year's festival Enterprise Ireland, supported by Tourism Ireland are organising an Ireland Study Abroad Festival in Osaka and Tokyo in October. Representatives from 15 Irish universities, colleges and language schools will attend and will be available for free study abroad counselling at their booths. There will be presentations on Study Abroad in Ireland for colleges and language schools and the Festival will feature key aspects of Irish culture such as Irish music, dance, sport and food.

Come along to the Irish Study Abroad Festivals to see how you can Live, Laugh and Learn in Ireland!

Organisers : Enterprise Ireland supported by Tourism Ireland
Event : Ireland Study Abroad Festival 2008
Date & Time: 13:00 – 18:00, Saturday October 11th, 2008
Place : Yomiuri Shimbun Hall, Osaka
Date & Time: 11:00 – 18:00, Monday October 13th (National Holiday), 2008
Place : Yomiuri Shimbun Hall, Tokyo
Participants : Representatives from Irish Universities, Colleges and English Language Schools
Fee : Free!
Website : www.study-ireland.jp
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