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September 09, 2008

Tokyo MBA Tour Event Report

Steve Green and I attended the Tokyo MBA Tour last night. It was a very well attended event. For us it was a good opportunity to meet some alums we know, gather a couple of brochures, and see which schools were attracting the most attention. Among the big name programs in attendance were Yale, Cornell, Univ. of Michigan, INSEAD, and LBS. A number of other "Top 20" and "Top 100" programs were there. If you have not attended events like the MBA Tour and can do so, I suggest if it you are still trying to figure out where to attend or just simply to do some networking.

Here is Steve's initial reaction to the event:

In this next video, I talk about school selection as well as the death of my pet theory about the pens:

Bottom line: Do enough research to figure out where you want to go and just don't focus on schools whose names you know. Become informed, compare, and then come up with your list. For more about school selection, please see my earlier posts on the subject.

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