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September 21, 2008

Stanford GSB Tokyo 9/21/08 Event

As is usual for Stanford GSB events, the alumni panelists provided great insight into their own experiences.

Last year, the admissions presenter was quite dynamic and said more than was contained in his slides. By comparison, I found this year's admissions presentation mostly a mere recitation of information found on the website.

I think the only interesting thing admissions said was that for non-native speakers "if the essay is too perfect, we are not going to believe you wrote it." This is not new, but certainly worth repeating. Everything I heard at the event, leads me to believe that I don't need to modify my Stanford GSB Essay Question Analysis for Fall 2009 Admission. By the way, regardless of what Stanford admissions should say about the openness of their essay topics, please see the first post in my series on Stanford for why their questions are being asked for specific reasons.

Still if you want to go to Stanford, attend admissions events so that you can listen to the alumni panel and network with the alums afterwords. In my experience, Stanford alum are very friendly and approachable, so if you are serious about getting into Stanford GSB, network!

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