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September 04, 2008


I just got back from the MIT Sloan Admissions event. I don't know if anyone followed my Twitter Cast, but you can find it here (The posts will be dated September 3, 2008).

The most important things that MIT admissions said:

1. 50% of applicants are admitted in first round and 50% in second, so it is statistically advantageous to apply in first round, but only if you are ready.

2. They are looking for innovative applicants interested in creating something new, not just learning "best practices." Emphasized the importance of experiential learning (G-lab, Sustainability lab)

3. Everything that was said about the application is consistent with my analysis of the essay set.

4. About 20 alums were attendance and as usual demonstrated the high level of school spirit that characterizes MIT Sloan alumni.

5. Applications were up 30% last year. (The room was packed. Given that MIT does not require TOEFL, they are now everyone's favorite school.)

Here is my first on the scene video report. Thanks to Mr. X for holding the camera. I jumped around a bit too much and was distracted by a few people, but will get the hang of it. Not sure I say anything that interesting, but here it is:

Anyway, don't worry I am more focused on essay analysis than making videos.

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