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August 07, 2007

Admissions Advice: Mentor, Consultant, Editor or Ghostwriter?

What kind of admissions advice are you looking for? I think it is important to think very carefully about the types of advisers available when selecting what is best for you. The right advice from the right adviser(s) will facilitate your acceptance in to an MBA, LLM, PhD, or other graduate program, while the wrong advice might very well result in the need to reapply.

MY BIAS: If you have not read, the blog post or the article where my views are discussed, I would simply state that my own bias is towards ethical consulting and against ghostwriting as this is simply the only basis upon which I would counsel someone. I believe applicants should write their own essays. That said, I am not looking to impose my own views on you. You must make your own choices. In the next four posts, I will analyze the pros and cons of mentors, admissions consultants, editors, and ghostwriters.

A couple of things to mention. I will not include the names of any specific admissions consultants, editors, or ghostwriters here. This is not due to any ignorance or laziness on my part, but rather the fact that I am not advocating or criticizing the use of any specific service because (1) I can't fairly attest to the efficacy of all major service providers and (2) I am not interested in being sued for libel.

I hope these posts will help you determine what kind of advice you need and who you should get it from.

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-Adam Markus
アダム マーカス
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